Janelle Hanson walked into a tattoo shop with her portfolio in hand when she was eleven years old in hopes of securing a job. Needless to say, her dream was shattered and after receiving a pep talk by one of the artists, he kindly gave her a ride home. After graduating high school and serving in the military, fourteen years later she became an apprentice at that very shop and earned her way into the artist's chair.


Her work ethic and dedication to making her dream a reality has helped her come a long way in just a short amount of time. She has now been tattooing for three years and enjoys tattooing neo-traditional, realism and the mixture of both combined. Janelle is very proud of her Scandinavian descent and she is even a self-proclaimed relative of Eric the Red. When she is not tattooing she loves to cuddle with her animals, watch movies and playing video games. Her obsession with Harry Potter is unhealthy, leading her to believe she really is part of the world. Ravenclaw all the way!

Starkweather Tattoo Collective

Madison, Wisconsin

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3920 Monona Dr.

Madison, WI 53716

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